eGFX Home Read Station

Flexible remote radiology reading solution

  • Preinstalled MXRT-4700 display controller
  • 3x DisplayPort 1.4 Video Outputs
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports on the front for added connectivity
  • RJ 45 Gigabit Ethernet for high speed network connectivity
  • Dual Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 controllers for dedicated bandwidth
  • Aluminum design for lightweight performance
  • Compact design and small footprint

As a radiologist, with the eGFX Home Read Station you're all set to start reading at home. It's a flexible and mobile radiology workstation solution that assures dependable image quality and consistent workflow wherever and whenever you are working. Using an eGFX station connected over ThunderboltTM 3, you can enjoy the same imaging performance, workflow productivity and tools at home as in the hospital.

Compatible with Barco displays systems and validated mobile workstations, you'll lose no time and effort in configuring and supporting remote reading stations. With QAWeb Enterprise, quality and compliance of all workstations can be managed remotely, so software updates and security scans can be executed easily.
Remote reading allows radiologists to work more efficiently, ensures optimal working conditions and enables a flexible work schedule. On-call, weekend and late-evening duties, for example, can be performed at home instead of at the hospital. With the millennial generation and digital natives entering the workforce, home reading is becoming a standard benefit in radiology hiring.

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Barco eGFX Home Read Station

  • Brand: Barco
  • Product Code: MLBK9308200FG
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