Olorin launches a new generation of maritime monitors

Olorin launches a new generation of maritime monitors

Olorin launched the first VistaLine monitor with dimming in 2001 for the maritime market, ever since its release we have updated and refined the platform with more accessories and functionality.

The popular RTD main board was released in 2006 and in 2011 we replaced it with the RAV platform, which was a major update with many new features. In 2016 we updated the chassis to meet the markets demand for better protective glass, PCAP touch options and the true flat design trend. The new design ID was named the "VLD" series.

This August we are updating the VistaLine VLD series with a brand new platform, after two years it is finally ready for release and we will hope it will take Olorin's maritime monitors to a whole new level.

The chassis remains the same but the internal main board is completely different and comes with many new features, let us introduce you to the VLDxx9 generation of monitors which are based on what we call the MAV main board.

Olorin will be replacing all of our models in the 15", 17", 19", 21.5" and 24" range with the brand new platform.

New features

  • 9V~36V DC power input
  • HDMI
  • DisplayPort
  • Micro USB for firmware updates
  • RS232 for command and control

With RS232, the new VLDxx9 series of monitors can be integrated in to systems together with Olorin's other maritime models such as the VLG240, VL270G and ML550G.

Since the design ID will be the same for the new generation, you can use the same accessories as the old models, this means the mounting frames and external dimming wheels will work without any issues.

Olorin's new models